Tips For AbsoluteBeginner

Read this Section If you are wanting to start today

Basically Programming Contest is something which test your skill on coding, algorithm . mathematics & some other topics. One should Start programming for contest problem set because it will help them to do well in their future career. Programming Contest Contestants thinks differently from others so they can easily overcome every limitation & they learn everything quickly in their professional life. And if you are a CSE student then You must have to know better programming knowledge otherwise you will fail to earn a better living.

Now come a step forward. You are quiet interested and you want to start your journey. Please do the following things very quickly.

  1. Open an account on a online judge like UVA (I practice contest in UVA)
  2. Try to start solving from the first volume then others.
  3. Make sure that you choose the easiest problem first because at first more solution will give you a better interest for hard one.
  4. If you then think that you are matured enough then go semi hard> Hard problem > Regional & world Final problem Solution.
  5. Try to know all input & Output techniques.

If you can proceed in this way then I think you will be a great contestant.

Programming Contest Year Plan - Yes a year Plan to be a better Programmer


This is a plan which will covered all the necessary study for programming contest within one year provided that student will be semi expert but they will be expert by practicing it & participating more & more contest.

How to go ahead:

We have to make two semester target from which first one is 8 th month long second one is 4 months. Every one must have to Complete Semester One, Otherwise He might fail to do well in Competition

Subject to read (Yes just reading):



Estimate time(Days) / page per day


Introduction to Algorithm (CLR)


112 /10


Data Structure Using C & C++ (Tenenbaum)




Number Theory(S.G. Telang)




Concrete Mathematics(Knuth)




Discrete Mathematics & its Application (Rosen)




Elementary Geometry O/A Level




A good STL book containing Algorithm

60 Alg.

15/4 algorithm per day


Algorithm Design Manual (S. Skiena)




Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-1)




Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-2)




Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-3)




Subject to read like Story Book:

  1. Art of Programming Contest (The latest edition on market) By A. S. Arefin
  2. Programming Challenges By Steven Skiena

Semester Plan

Semester One (January-August)

Books to read:

•  Introduction to Algorithm (CLR)

•  Data Structure Using C & C++ (Tenenbaum)

•  Number Theory(S.G. Telang)

•  Concrete Mathematics

•  Discrete Mathematics

•  STL programming

•  Geometry

January : Algorithm + Data Structure

February: Algorithm + Data Structure

March : Algorithm + Number Theory

April : Algorithm + Number theory

May : (Algorithm + STL) +Concrete Math

June : Discrete Math + (Concrete + DP)

July : Discrete Math + (Concrete + Geometry)

August : Discrete Math + (Geometry + Thesis)


Semester Two (September- December)

Books to read:

  1. Computational Geometry
  2. Algorithm Design Manual (S. Skiena)
  3. Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-1)
  4. Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-2)
  5. Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)(Volume-3)

September : Algorithm Design Manual

October : Art of Programming + C. Geometry

November : Art of Programming + C. Geometry

December : Art of Programming + (C. Geometry + Thesis)


  • Thesis Means to make a thesis paper or own Subroutine based on the subject topic based on the contest environment.
  • Two hours a day to read this book will make you a world best programmer (I damnly think So).

[Concept & This Plan is Following by Mizanur Rahaman Mizan]