Mission USTC

A game developed by two energetic student of University of Science & Engineering Chittagong (USTC). They are Hasib Wahab & Jishan. Games main feature is, it is a third person shootter game & it is based on opensource. i.e. the game can be updated by any game lover programmer. So try to play the very nice bangladeshi game ---- MISSION USTC
I am giving you the link of Official website below & some description from that web site:

Mission USTC:
Beautiful sunny morning ,gentle breeze of bay is blowing. Students and teachers are busy for learning in Central Library Building at University of Science & Technology.

Suddenly few miscreants enter the campus forcefully and make hostage all teachers and students. They try to destroy the campus. They are equipped with heavy automatic weapons. The securities fail to protect the campus. Suddenly two students (Hasib & Jishan) dare to accept the challenge. They start an unbalance battle to make free the hostages and to retain peace in the campus .
To know more please visit http://missionustc.cjb.net

I am not taken the permission yet to give the game to you but I am publishiing it with the right of being a USTC student.

Download Instruction:
Down load to 2 link file below , extract them and copy all file in a folder & enjoy!!!

Click Here To download the Game (try after few days)