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Do You Want to Know About Free Hosting

Written on - 15/07/2007

Today I am going to share something about web hosting. Because I am a student & not capable of hosting in a paid server, I choose to host my site in a free host at first i choose 5gbfree for my web site. But after a few days a saw that they are giving their own add on my page which hamper my page view. But thay told that they will never give any add.

So I started to search again for new host. Now I find a better host which give me a account for one year without any add on my page. (if you are here with the url you are in the page on their server). I am going to revealed their name----

The freehostia is the host who give me the independence to share my view with you. So please if you are interested in web hosting without paying a penny but want to share resource with us please host your site in their server.

5gbfree is also a good host beside giving their adds. If you have only HTMl code (not having CSS), & you allow add from them, you can also choose them. Their server is very fast.

But my mission to find good real free webhost continue as I want a host who will give me a host service forever. Now at this point I found which are giving now me the best offer. A 2 GB hosting account with more than 100GB monthly bandwidth. Main thing is that there Service is Totally Advertisement free like Freehostia.

So You Must also try this Web host []as it is my best choice.


About a Fast- Secured Web Browser- Mozilla

Written on- 25/06/2007

I am using mozilla firefox regularly. Because it is a well browser. above all it has its own security. besides all it is a free and open source browser.

I suggest you to use this browser.



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